Welcome Note by the President


You are welcome to the official website of Ahmadu Bello University Developers (ABUDevs). ABUDevs is a student club with the sole mission of propagating and nurturing creativity and innovation amongst the students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The club sees its primary task in improving the ICT skills of its members by nurturing their creative and programming skills, and sharpening their research and presentation skills. The club also tries to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in the school environment and beyond. The Club is still growing, a lot of hard and meaningful work is ahead of us, but I have no doubt that together we will achieve great tasks. I believe that our joint efforts will help make this great institution the best when it comes to ICT. Membership to the club is open to all students of Ahmadu Bello University. You may not be a programmer, an ICT oriented person or a person with certain skillset but you could be that one person with a great to solve problems. Why don’t you join us as we grow together.

Finally, I invite all of you to explore more on ICT and feel free to contact any of our executives whenever the need arises. I wish you all the best.

Usman Fori
President, ABUDevs



The hackathons participants are challenged to generate a technological innovation solutions.

Idea Pitch

participants will make a presentation of solution based on the problem stated by the SDGs.


This is a oppurtunity for partnership with club

The Club's mission is to propagate and nurture creativity and innovation amongst the students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Our vision is to be technological catalysts in Ahmadu Bello University, enabling ICT proficient students who would be more than just observers of technological development.

  1. To help students develop an appreciation for the role of ICT in today's society.
  2. To guide members in computer ethics
  3. To improve members design, programming and internet authoring skills.
  4. To provide a fun and interactive approach to ICT.
  5. To raise awareness and promote the use of technology as a teaching/learning aid.
  6. To help students develop as innovative beings who will see problems and create solutions.
  7. To help other students become competent and confident users of ICT through training sessions.